Jun 17

If you want to learn about the fascinating process of growing and producing Colombian coffee, you can do so just about 90 minutes away from Bogota. At Hacienda Coloma you will find much more than a colonial house and beautiful surroundings, you will be able see the entire process of coffee production, with the guidance of a professional grower.

The 60-90 minute tour begins with the coffee plant seed, then crosses a fully grown plantation of Arabica shade-grown coffee, where among beautiful orchids you will see the many kinds of coffee plants available in Colombia. The most traditional and time-consuming processes, extracting, then washing, drying and hand picking the beans, take place at the beneficiadero. Sun or machine-dried, you will learn how to the thresh the outer shell of coffee beans with your own hands. Lastly, you will see the final and critical step that determines coffee quality: roasting, a slow process that gives coffee its characteristic color, aroma and taste. A warm cup of coffee will be waiting for you at the end of the tour.